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Client Stories: There's more than one way to do a job

Gough Engineering - Steel Transport Pallets

Gough Engineering

What do you get when you combine powerful CAD software, plasma profile-cut steel plate and a press-brake, with highly skilled welders and fabricators?

Answer: Almost anything you care to imagine! I'm used to working on a scale somewhat smaller and lighter than steel fabrication, so I've got to say I'm mightily impressed with what Gough Engineering can build. ~ more…

MARS: Medipix All Resolution System

MARS: Medipix All Resolution System

It started with a rough sketch, as many projects do. This multi-disciplined project spans technology from TIG welded steel frames and fabricated sheet metal components to custom made semiconductors used to detect and distinguish a range of x-ray energies... ~ more…

RoqStop™ Positional Workstop

RoqStop ™  Positional Workstop

The RoqStop was a product born of necessity. Originally developed in-house at Quartic Engineering Ltd, it has been refined by direct experience with CNC production set ups, and addresses the problem of reducing machine set up downtime to an absolute minimum... ~ more…

Factory Layout Survey

Factory Survey, Christchurch

This contract required the accurate survey of a Christchurch factory's machinery & process layout. Keeping on budget required some new technology, and attention to the level-of-detail. The scale of the work was significant, so it was important not to over-do the measurements, but nevertheless leave in enough detail to make each machine recognisable on a 2D plan. ~ more…

General Cable - Engineering Maintenance

General Cable

This has been one of my most challenging roles, due to the sheer variety of situations General Cable's work environment can present. Of course, this what also made it so enjoyable...~ more…

Southern Engineering Solutions - Production Cheese Cutter

Dairy Works

As far as working materials go, cheese just doesn't cut it. It's sticky, of variable softness - or hardness, depending on how you see it. It bunches up under pressure, and tends to crumble near the edges. In summary, cheese generally makes life difficult for those trying to process it, let alone designing a machine that will cut it consistently... ~ more…

Waitek® Shower Monitor

Waitek® Shower MonitorĀ©

This award winning device monitors energy usage in a domestic shower by measuring water flow and temperature, beeping after a user-preset amount of hot water has been used. The hotter the water and/or the higher the flow, the more energy used, so the sooner the monitor indicates shower-time is over. It displays shower-time left, the current time, and the exact water temperature for precise temperature control... ~ more…