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Welcome to Quarticom’s website...

While it may sound like a big firm with a team of suits, really it’s just me…

Quentin Rowe:   Design Engineer

My main areas of expertise are design, prototyping & production.

For larger projects, I like to work together with other professionals as well as with my clients. I find most clients are quite capable and in-tune with their projects. Mostly though, they are short on time, or a particular area of expertise - and this is where I can help.

My broad industry experience allows me to offer a versatile range of services. I can fit right into your existing team, get up to speed and get results as quickly as possible.

Alternatively, I can work one-on-one, getting your vision into reality via powerful CAD software. My central approach is to head off potential manufacturing obstacles at the design stage.

What I can bring to your organisation as a contractor:

  • respect for the client's work environment.
  • varied design and industry experience, along with an understanding of project overview and economies.
  • a broad proficiency in Inventor CAD software (up to Inventor 2015 Professional).
  • situational adaptability - I can work with what is at hand.
  • I work well with others, but can work independently.
  • adding value - contributing ideas when the opportunity presents.
  • a broad, up-to-date understanding of the manufacturing processes available.
  • an appreciation with those involved in making a physical product.
  • excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • compliant Health & Safety contract & work-site policy.
  • flexibility (onsite/off-site work), travel, hours.
  • fully accountable hours system showing activities in 1/4 hour blocks.
  • no need to pay holiday pay or sick leave.
  • when work is done, your cash-flow is free for other priorities.

Please explore my site. Feel free to contact me if you wish to know more…

Industry Experience: 2D & 3D solids CAD ~ electrical enclosure design ~ industrial & machine design ~ workshop management ~ product development ~ patent illustrations ~ plastic injection toolmaking & design ~ CNC programming, setup & operation ~ jig-fixture design ~ sheet and plate fabrication design ~ factory-production layout ~ engine building ~ machine assembly ~ manufacturing systems ~ apprentice training ~ software training.